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I made a game called πŸŒ†Cities Nukes πŸ’₯ the weekend before A MAZE. / Berlin 2018 - 7th Games and Playful Media Festival and finished it at A MAZE. with the help of wonderful friends.

It's played with a pencil and paper, for 3-7 players. The first image is the instructions. The rest are animated slides, use arrow keys to navigate. ENJOY AND SHARE! πŸ’£

Thanks to all the playtesters and your good ideas which made the game possible!

Post pictures of your nuclear fallout maps if you end up playing! Feel free to create translated instructions, mod the game, change it up, teach your grandmas and grandpas - the game is universal since it requires no text! Comment if you play and have any suggestions or ideas!

Install instructions

Use the instructions in the picture to learn how to play. Or check the step by step images!


Cities Nukes - FULL INSTRUCTIONS.png 656 kB
Cities Nukes - slideshow images 19 MB

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