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Lost Memories

Lost Memories is a game made for the Sami Game Jam 2018 in Utsjoki, Finland.

This game was made on the themes "Living outside Samiland" and "Forgotten Memories". The game explores the things that a Sami person living in a big city might miss. It also let players travel through a portal from a city apartment to the open lands of Utsjoki. It lets you bring items over from either world. Once you use the portal, it slowly shrinks and you have to make a choice of where you want to be.

Play this with any SteamVR device, in roomscale (min. 3x3 meters play space).

The game automatically resets after the portal closes, and starts again for the next player. 

Restart the build if anything goes wrong (it shouldn't be necessary. Players can just pass the headset from one another) once the portal closes and the game fades out.

How to Play:
1) Put on VR headset in the play space and pick up one Oculus touch controller.
2) Walk around the playspace, experiencing the sights and sounds of each landscape.
3) Pick up objects by pressing and holding the trigger button on the controller.

Made by:

Horatiu Roman - Programming
Milan Grajetzki - Audio, Programming, Concept
Shailesh Prabhu - Team Lead, Game Design
Julia Rässa - 3D Art
Mikael Latva - 3D Art
Outi Laiti - Sami Consultant

Sepcial thanks to all the Sami playtesters who played our game and especially Outi who gave us wonderful ideas and feedback.


LostMemories.zip 67 MB

Install instructions

Download and run the exe, remember SteamVR and room scale, min. 3x3 meters play space. 

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