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Two Bears One Iceland

A game playable with pen and paper, for 2 players (or more, untested)

Rules (transcript from instructions paper image, without the drawings)

1. Draw Map = glacier/iceberg (any shape, example - a circle)

2. Take 3 turns drawing lines that split territories into half, approx. (like cracking ice)

3. Draw your bear character, that you will use during the game

4. Take 10 normal turns:

4.1 Choose a territory secretly

4.2 when everyone chose, point at it simultaneously (count to 3 or whatever)

4.3 if both players chose same territory, it sinks. else, add a bear there.

5. For each territory, count the neighboring population (bears) (excluding bears from that territory). The player with more bears in that territory gets the points. If one player has 2 more bears in that territory than the other player, gets 2x the points. 3 bears, 3x the points, etc. Equal amount of bears gives nobody points. See example point count on the instruction page.


Instructions 2 MB

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