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Two feet one ski is a two player boardgame made by me in a few hours at the beginning of Sami Game Jam 2018 (in the plane)

The game is played on an official napkin from Finnair Economy class, or on a board that looks like the attached picture, made from a grid of 6x6 points.

The two feet can be two small coffee milk packets, two sugar cubes or two ear rings. The ski can be a coffee stirring stick or a short pencil.

The instructions are written on the attached screenshot, with graphics illustrating the possible moves. The transcript from the rules paper:

1. Start positions (feet player always first move)

2. Feet movement (only one of the 4 adjacent positions, no diagonals) 

One movement each foot each turn, independently. Feet do not have to stay together.

3. Ski movement

- Pivot from any ending

- Pivot 3 or 4 distance

- Cannot land on a foot

- When on 4 distance, foot can be on adjacent positions

- 45 degree diagonal is too far! No big diagonal.

4. Sliding

When adjacent to ski, foot can slide to any adjacent position next to ski. Must finish turn off the ski!

5. End game, points

Game ends when ski reaches foot starting point.

Count points = distance from foot starting point to foot when the game ended. Final score (for the foot player) is sum of both feet.

Players switch roles and play again!

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