aliens wanna be together. make them be together
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A crowd game played using audio input, using real video footage as graphics, about a scary halloween story.
An alternative-controller game about erotically pleasuring an alien, for 1-3 players
The Baron asks you to paint his castle (by screaming into the mic). Do it!
A calming game about thinking and watching the sun go down.
A meditative root-growing game - play as a small root in search of meaningful growth.
satirical meta game
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Forensic Sketch-style drawing game with a friend or more friends!
A story about a former pirate turned grumpy fisherman and his snarky backtalking village "friends"
Interactive Fiction
Fight to the death in this mocap-based local multiplayer VR game!
Be one with everything in this multiplayer chill Yoga explo game
Banana Bending Action Feeder - Feed The Banana God - Local Multiplayer 1-4 Players
Guessing game for 2+ players, using toothpicks and carseat bread.
A two player boardgame about social floating on thin ice
A pen and paper game about making roads and nuking cities. 3+ players.
2 player board game about making many points before the ski gets you
An experience of two worlds connected through fading memory